VIP Product Giveaway – 6

Free Product Giveaway

Welcome to our VIP List Product Giveaway.

Drups Ventures is launching a customer outreach program where we provide you free products in exchange for feedback.

We take our recently launched products and offer them for free to our VIP list to give us the opportunity to ask questions, discuss alternative designs, and get feedback from early users.

If you are interested in receiving one of the Aromatherapy Balms for free, or a future free product from us, simply fill out the form below and we’ll shoot you a text or email with additional instructions.

Note: Products are given through rebating the cost of the product purchased on Amazon. Customers must be located in the United States, and must have spent at least $50 on Amazon in the past 6 months to be eligible to participate. Active Amazon reviewers are given preference for free giveaways.

Check out the Aromatherapy Balms Below:

       Lavender Zen                Energizing Breath                Wild Citrus               Grounded Thought              Mystic Energy                Enchanted Earth

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