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Drups Ventures
Drups Ventures specializes in acquiring, merging, and managing 
marketing and ecommerce businesses at <$1M EBITDA.
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What is a Search Fund?
A search fund raises money to acquire and run an existing
business. Click here to learn more:
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Getting Started
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learn about investing opportunities in micro private equity.
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The Entrepreneur
Joseph Drups is a repeat entrepreneur with a history of acquiring businesses.
He specializes in operations, ecommerce, and marketing.
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What is a Search Fund?

Interested in learning more?
We created a Search Fund Primer to give you the information that you need to know

Drups Ventures at a Glance

Drups Ventures vets 100’s of businesses to find the perfect acquisition.
If you’re an accredited investor, connect to partner with us on future projects.

Drups Ventures searches for, vets, and acquires businesses in the Marketing and ECommerce categories.

Our current criteria for acquisitions is $1M EBITDA, >5yrs old, unrealized earning potential, and a clear path for growth.

Our ideal investor is accredited and willing to serve as a mentor and partner to help us achieve our long-term vision of following a M&A strategy to achieve an IPO exit.

A Search Fund historically offers a high return for investors (36% IRR). We combine the search fund concept with a M&A strategy to multiply investor returns.

Learn About Drups Ventures

What is a
Search Fund?

Learn why search funds are great investments.

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Meet Our Founder


Joseph Drups

Joseph Drups has experience in acquiring, merging, managing, and launching 12 businesses from early phase start-ups to $9M+ in revenue. He’s an innovator who developed a Digital Management System that aligns ecommerce and marketing to the modern gig economy. 

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    Drups Ventures
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    Ready to learn more about Search Funds?

    Check out our Search Fund Primer. In this primer, you’ll get a 5 page overview of Search Funds and what you can expect when you invest in one.

    Search Funds At a Glance

    • ROI 8.4x Earnings
    • 37% of Search Funds get >2x Earnings ROI
    • IRR: 36.7%
    • Risk Level: Medium

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